Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records

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Criminal Records

Mistakes are part of life, and everyone makes one from time to time. If you were arrested for a crime, an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer can help you restore your reputation by sealing or expunging your criminal arrest record.

Perhaps you made a mistake as a teen that has been haunting you ever since, or maybe you had one too many drinks and did something you deeply regret. Whatever the reason for your desire to clear your record, you deserve a second chance. At FLA Legal Professionals, we are committed to helping you get it.

Restore Your Reputation

Your good name is one of your most valuable assets. Finding a job is already difficult. A criminal record puts you at a steep disadvantage and leaves you fighting an uphill battle in the job market.

When you have a criminal record, employers are often quick to make snap judgments about your character and your trustworthiness. To some companies, it doesn’t matter whether it has been 20 years since your conviction – corporate policies prevent them from hiring people with a criminal record.

If past mistakes are stopping you from achieving your goals, you can do something about it. Whether you have a juvenile record or an adult criminal record, you don’t have to keep running from your past. If you’re tired of checking yes when employment applications ask whether you have been arrested for a crime, we can help.

The Difference between Sealing and Expunging

Expungement and sealing are different procedures. It’s not always easy to determine which one applies in your case, which is why your first step should be calling a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer.

When you seal a criminal record, you actually seal any and all records related to your crime. These records include court, police, and certain agency records. Once your records are sealed, anyone who wants access to them must first obtain a court order. If a prospective employer runs a background check on you, the record will not appear. You are also entitled to answer no when job applications and other forms ask if you have been arrested or fingerprinted for a crime. After 10 years, you can seek expungement.

When records are expunged, they are forever erased from databases. If there are paper copies of your arrest, these records are physically destroyed. There are certain specific exceptions to this general rule, but the majority of databases will show no record of your arrest.

Protect Your Rights with St Johns County Criminal Records

The Florida law governing the sealing and expungement of criminal records is very strict. This is not a process you want to attempt on your own. Call FLA Legal Professionals today to find out more about your options for restoring your good name. Our Jacksonville office is serving in St Johns County, Duval County and throughout Florida.