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Duval County Armed Forces Attorney Works with Members of the US Navy

As an active or retired member of the US Navy, or a member of the Naval Reserves, you know first-hand that serving one’s country can put a lot of stress on a family’s personal life. Jacksonville Navy family lawyer Maria Rogers has seen what separations due to active duty can do to a family. Being a member of the United States Navy is one of the proudest accomplishments in a person’s life, and you deserve the finest in military family lawyers that the state of Florida can offer.

If you or your spouse is considering a dissolution of marriage, you need a lawyer that is well-informed as to the ins and outs of the laws that dictate military matters. Northern Florida family law attorney Maria Rogers is that lawyer. Not only is she well-versed in military law, but she is also a retired member of the US Navy, so she understands first-hand what you are going through, and the sacrifices you have made for your country. Attorney Rogers represents all military personnel, including naval officers, sailors, retired and active members of the Navy, and their spouses in the pursuit of divorce, child custody, parenting plans, visitation, alimony, and any other military law matter.

What You Should Know

Military (Navy) divorces present added complexities not found in typical divorce cases due to the distance that may be involved, and many of the rules and regulations that dictate military divorce. International spouses, service of divorce-related documents upon out-of-state military persons, drafting of flexible parenting plans, mid-case deployments, military pay, and military pensions and retirement are all complicating factors some lawyers have never met with. Attorney Rogers, however, has the experience necessary to deal with all of these complications in a way that will resolve your Navy family matter with ease.

Retirement for Members of the US Navy

Military benefits such as pensions that have been earned during the course of a military marriage can be a contentious issue in a military divorce. Both parties have something to gain, or lose, if the matter is not dealt with properly. It is crucial that you contact Florida Navy Lawyer Maria Rogers as soon as possible to deal head on with this matter, and know what to expect financially as a result of your Navy divorce.

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