Florida Division of Retirement

Divorce And Military Retirement Pay and Florida Division of Retirement

If you are on active duty, a reserve service member, or a retiree of the US Armed Forces; or you are the spouse of an active duty member, a reservist, or a retiree, one of the most significant marital assets to be distributed is yours or your spouse’s military retirement pay. The husband or wife of a service member, reservist, or retiree is generally entitled to the portion of the military pension that is considered marital assets. The calculations used to determine the amounts involved in the split can be complicated.

If you don’t have a family law attorney who’s experienced with military benefits, you could wind up overpaying or under-receiving in your divorce settlement. The Jacksonville, FL family law office of FLA Legal Professionals, LLC represents current and former members of the military or their spouses in divorce actions and asset allocation. If you are considering a military divorce, you should contact a reputable and knowledgeable family law attorney—like FLA Legal Professionals, LLC

Experienced Military Divorce Attorney in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine

MaRia Rogers worked as a former legal assistant in the military retirement system. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of the various military benefit programs systems, including pensions, thrift savings plans, survivor benefits, and career status bonuses. Even no-fault divorces in the state of Florida can be confusing and require the services of a well-informed family law attorney. Military divorces can be vastly more complicated.

If you are a member of the US Armed Forces, a reservist, or a retiree, and you are seeking a dissolution of marriage in the state of Florida, you need to retain the services of a reputable family law attorney to understand Florida division of retirement. Likewise, if you are the spouse of a current or former service member, you will need a lawyer who is familiar with military assets and benefits. Jacksonville, FL attorney MaRia Rogers has represented both military member clients and the spouses of servicemen and women.

Military Divorce and Family Law Attorney of Duval County

Whether you are a soldier, sailor, marine, airman/airwoman, member of the coast guard, a reservist, a retiree, or the spouse of one, you should not approach dissolution of marriage without sound legal advice. MaRia Rogers serves clients in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Duval, Clay, Baker, Flagler, St. Johns, and anywhere else in northeastern Florida. For an appointment, call (904) 352-2459.