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The best way to take control of your future is to plan for it. Writing your will before you think it is necessary can help your family determine what to do with your property when you are not there. The Law Office of MaRia Rogers, P.A., works with clients throughout Jacksonville, Florida, to help them write their will and make important decisions about distributing their assets.

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Attorney MaRia Rogers, USN, Retired
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Attorney MaRia Rogers works closely with clients to help them make informed decisions about their property.

As a former United States Navy Officer, MaRia understands the impact being in the military has on your assets, and she has experience helping civilians and military families take control of their future. She helps clients make important decisions, including:

Wills: Writing a will is essential if you want to have a say in what will happen with your property. Lawyer MaRia Rogers helps clients correctly prepare and file their wills.

Living Wills: If you become incapacitated or unconscious, it is important to have one person who will make medical decisions for you.

Health Care Directives: Together with a living will, a health care directive provides more assurance that an informed person will make decisions for you. In addition, some hospitals require both a health care directive and a living will.

Powers of Attorney: Having a power of attorney can help protect you if you are unable to make decisions. Powers of attorney can include financial decisions, medical decisions or other important decisions.

Guardianships: In Florida, temporary custody can be awarded in cases involving incapacitation, minors or children. The Law Office of FLA Legal Professionals, LLC represents clients in cases involving:

  • Non-relative guardianships
  • Guardianship to determine incapacity
  • Emergency temporary guardianship
  • Limited guardianship for minors or property
  • Voluntary guardianship
  • Guardianship administration
  • Termination of guardianships
  • Guardianship for disability

If you need a lawyer who will walk with you step by step through a tough time, contact the Law Office of MaRia Rogers online or call the office: (904) 352-2459, or toll free at (888) 817-3829.