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Jacksonville, FL Lawyer Settles Paternity Suits in the State of Florida

In recent years, the issue of paternity has become a hot-button topic. A man’s rights to a child, after the dissolution of a relationship, is determined, in court, by the results of a paternity determination. If a man is unmarried, but has a child, a paternity action may become necessary to establish the right to visitation, custody, or financial aid in the form of child support, either to support the father or to be paid by the father to the mother. Additionally, if a marriage is being terminated and the father’s rights are in the process of determination, paternity tests and settlements can resolve a lot of questions. At the Jacksonville, Florida Law Offices of FLA Legal Professionals, LLC, Attorney Rogers works tirelessly with mothers and fathers who are trying to either prove paternity, or disprove it. No matter your side, you can benefit from having an experienced Duval County paternity lawyer to guide you through the complex process of a paternity action.

What is Paternity?

The recognition, in court, of a man’s relationship with a child, which includes his responsibilities to that child, is called paternity. If born out of wedlock, a child does not have a legal father until a paternity action has been taken to legally determine the father’s identity. If born to a married woman, a child is assumed to have been fathered by her husband and that husband is given certain responsibilities by law. However, if there is doubt as to the biological father, a paternity action may be brought about.

It is important to establish paternity for several reasons, including:

  • Being released from court-ordered child support for a child that you did not biologically father
  • Obtaining child support
  • Determining child custody in the parenting plan
  • Obtaining a visitation schedule to involve a parent in the raising of a child
  • Parental health history that affects the child

State of Florida Paternity Lawyer Maria Rogers handles all paternity-related issues, including the establishment of fathers’ rights. No matter whether the action is the establishment of paternity or its disestablishment, Attorney Rogers has the experience and persuasive skills to create a winning case.

Establishing paternity can affect you for the rest of your life — let skilled paternity attorney Rogers handle this legal matter. Serving Jacksonville, Duval County, St. John County, and St. Augustine, contact Attorney Rogers today at (904) 352-2459 to discuss your case.