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Assisting Divorced Parents with Child Custody And Parental Relocation

Child custody issues are among the most contentious disputes in Florida family law. Of those, nothing can cause greater emotional and legal turmoil than an attempt by one parent to geographically relocate a child against the wishes of the other. As a family law attorney serving clients in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, and throughout northeastern Florida, FLA Legal Professionals, LLC has represented parties who were attempting to relocate with children and those who were seeking to keep their children local.
Regardless of which side of the legal battle that you’re on, retaining the services of a competent, reputable family law attorney is paramount to the success of your case.

Concepts in Custodial Parent Relocation in Florida

Florida State Statute 61.13001 prohibits a parent who is awarded time-sharing (custodial) rights from moving their principal residence more than fifty miles away for a period of greater than sixty consecutive days unless:

  • The relocating parent has secured written agreements from all other parties who are also entitled to time-sharing with the child, or
  • The family court has granted permission to a parent to relocate the child. For this, your child custody lawyer will file a Permission to Relocate With Minor Child with the courts.

Even in cases where all parties agree to the relocation, it’s important to have your paperwork prepared and reviewed by an experienced family law attorney to avoid future complications. Needless to say, when a Permission to Relocate With Minor Child action is required, an attorney is essential.

Don’t Relocate Your Child Without Discussing it with a FL Family Law Attorney

As a Florida child custody and family law attorney serving clients in places like Duval, Flagler, and Clay Counties, I advise parents against attempting any sort of move unless they first have a written agreement or have successfully received permission through the courts.

For example, a Jacksonville couple with a minor child files for dissolution of marriage, and the mother moves to Saint Augustine with the child. Because the geographic distance is less than fifty miles, there is no issue with her relocation. A year later, the mother gets a job in Lake City, which is sixty miles from the father’s residence, and moves there without getting a written agreement or petitioning the courts. When the father realizes the distance, he reports it to his attorney. The mother may then be asked by the courts to compensate the father for the additional travel, or may even be required to move back within the fifty-mile radius at her own expense.

Experienced, Effective Family Law Representation

The Jacksonville law office of FLA Legal Professionals, LLC represents parents in all of their family law actions, including child custody, visitation, and support. If you reside in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Duval, Clay, Baker, Flagler, St. Johns, or anywhere else in northeastern Florida, contact us at (904) 352-2459.