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Jacksonville Drug Crimes Lawyer

The much publicized “war on drugs” in the United States has led to some of the harshest drug laws and highest incarceration rates in the world. If you have been charged with any type of drug-related offense, your entire future is at stake. You can face prosecution in state or federal court. Either way, the penalties of a conviction are severe. Your first step should be contacting a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer about your case.

Harsh Penalties for Drug Offenses

Depending on the type of drug charge involved in your case, you could be prosecuted in state or federal court, and both in some cases. In Florida, a single drug trafficking count could result in a sentence ranging from three years to 25 years in prison. Even a relatively low-level offense, such as drug possession, can put a person behind bars for years.

Representation for All Florida Drug Crimes

Led by attorney Maria Rogers, the team at FLA Legal Professionals represents clients in all types of drug cases.

Possession. You can be charged with drug possession, even if you only had the illegal substance in your possession, or under your care and control, for a short time.

Trafficking. It is a crime to knowingly sell, purchase, manufacture, deliver, or transport a drug into the state of Florida. The severity of the criminal charge varies based on the amount of drugs involved. Drug trafficking cases can be incredibly complex, as they often involve the laws in multiple states as well as federal statutes.

Manufacturing. Drug manufacturing involves the cultivation or manufacture of controlled substances. In some cases, even possession of certain substances, such as ephedrine or other precursor chemicals, can trigger a manufacturing charge.

Protect Your Rights with Jacksonville Drug Crimes Lawyer

Very few cases are “slam-dunks” for the prosecution. There are many ways to challenge drug charges. The first thing we do when we take a drug-related case is begin looking at the validity of the traffic stop, police search, or other circumstance surrounding the arrest or investigation.