Jacksonville Alimony Modifications Attorney

Jacksonville, FL Divorce Lawyer Assists with the Modification of Support and Alimony Agreements

Divorce is never easy, even when everything seems to be over. Sometimes, things come up that force everyone to revisit decisions, agreements and prior court orders, and make the necessary modifications to account for life changes. For example, even after the marriage is officially and legally terminated, family members may recognize over time that the original stipulation of settlement, separation agreement, prior custody order or prior child support order is no longer appropriate.

There are also a number of other circumstances, changes in financial status, for example, whether a spouse loses a job or gains better employment, that would require legal modification to an alimony agreement. Northern Florida alimony modification attorney MaRia Rogers can help you make the necessary modifications so that the time after divorce continues to work for you, your family, and your children as life marches on.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been divorced for many years or if the divorce is still fresh, or whether it was a contested courtroom war or an uncontested split; an experienced attorney is needed even after the marriage is over or after the Family Court order has been rendered. The passage of time causes changes in life, which can require modification to previous agreements or court orders, especially in the area of alimony agreements. MaRia Rogers has the necessary experience to help you make the changes that need to be made to keep your life, and the life of your family, functioning smoothly.

Changes in Alimony

If you lose your job, you are not going to be able to keep up with the alimony payments you once made. Don’t let these bills go unpaid, landing you in trouble, or even in jail. With the help of the skilled and compassionate divorce agreement modification lawyer MaRia Rogers, you can be sure that the changes in alimony are taken care of. Also, if your spouse becomes more gainfully employed, alimony may need to be revisited to see if the terms should be renegotiated.

Protecting the Rights of Families

Contact persuasive and effective Flagler County alimony modification attorney MaRia Rogers for help in the modification of your alimony agreement, and for compassionate legal counsel and top-notch aggressive courtroom litigation. Call Attorney Rogers at her Jacksonville office at (904) 352-2459. She will work hard to ensure that you get the modifications you need to live a successful life.