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Like many service members come to find, protecting one’s country can be stressful work. If you are a member of the US Coast Guard and are facing a family law matter, you may not know where to turn. Search no longer. If you or a loved one is in the coast guard and are considering, or are already involved in, divorce, contact skilled and compassionate Florida Coast guard attorney Maria Rogers for help is settling your legal matter with speed and efficiency. Attorney Rogers is a retired US Navy officer, and understands the laws and regulations that dictate military legal matters.

Semper Paratus: Always Ready.

The Coast Guard Motto says it all—to protect one’s country, one has to always be prepared to do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, being away defending one’s country can put a strain on a marriage. As someone who has served her country all of her life, Attorney Rogers understands what the servicemen and women go through each and every day. She knows that it is important to you to swiftly settle your case; that is why she is always ready to serve you. If you are looking to proceed with a divorce to an active duty spouse, it is important that you work with an experienced and dedicated attorney who is well-versed in military law. Attorney Maria Rogers has the experience you need to get through this challenging time.

Coast Guard Divorce

Attorney Rogers can help you understand what to expect and how to conduct yourself during your military divorce. There are a number of matters that are different for military personnel than for civilians. Separation, for example, doesn’t quite exist in the US military. Dating someone else while separated or while your divorce is pending could lead to charges of adultery—something to be aware of while undergoing your divorce. Child custody and visitation, time-sharing and parenting plans, and property division, including pensions and retirement, are all potentially affected by you or your spouse’s military status, and must be dealt with by an attorney who works with both civilian and military cases.

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