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Members of the US Army know what it means to devote one’s life to serving one’s country. But what about when your family is struggling to stay together? There are a number of laws and guidelines that dictate family law issues for members of the US armed services, and Northern Florida army family law attorney Maria Rogers has the knowledge and skill to help you get through your family law matters with ease. As a retired service member with the US Navy, she knows what it is like to be away from family for long stretches, and how to navigate the army court system.

For members of the US Army and their spouses, there are a number of factors that affect decisions to separate and divorce. For example, career military members and their spouses need to know that, under both state and federal law, military retirement pay is divided between the divorced spouses based on factors such as length of active duty service and the length of the marriage. The former spouses of army members may also qualify for a variety of military benefits and must be supported until the divorce is final. If these rights and entitlements are not dealt with correctly in the divorce process, the non-military spouse may lose them.

Representing Members of the US Army

Attorney Maria Rogers represents military members and dependents stationed in Northern Florida, as well as military personnel and dependents who are currently deployed but who have marriage or family law matters to resolve in the state of Florida. With extensive experience in Florida family law, Attorney Rogers can guide you through the divorce process, even if you are living out of state or are deployed or stationed overseas.

Parenting Issues

Army families also face challenges related to child custody, support and visitation. Parenting issues can complicate an army divorce because of the difficulties of deployments and relocations of those serving in the Army. Florida army divorce lawyer Maria Rogers has been effectively advising and representing members of the US army with their difficult divorce and family law matters for years, and will successfully protect your rights and interests.

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