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Divorce is often a painful experience, and it brings with it many hard changes for families to adjust to. Nowhere is this more evident than in the difficulty many people have in adjusting to the divorce in the aftermath. People don’t always follow through on the commitments that were legally made, commitments they are bound to: commitments like alimony.

However, Florida laws provide a solution for the enforcement of alimony and spousal support orders that have been violated. Duval County Divorce Attorney FLA Legal Professionals, LLC has experience representing both sides of the situation, from people who need to enforce delayed alimony payments, to people who are facing enforcement actions for not paying support.

Helping Both Sides of the Issue

Many of Attorney Rogers clients have been hard hit by the economic recession, and have fallen behind on payments, and gone into “arrears” on their alimony payments. If this is your experience, too, Jacksonville Family Law Attorney Rogers can make it possible for you to bring your payments up to date, and avoid jail time.

The best way to deal with this issue is to let Northern Florida alimony attorney Maria Rogers help you if you are having trouble making payments by modifying the court orders, creating something more workable for you.

However, if you and your child rely on the money you receive through alimony/spousal support, and those payments are not coming on time or don’t arrive at all, it can be difficult to successfully manage your and your child’s life.

If necessary, St. Augustine alimony enforcement attorney MaRia Rogers can assist you in filing an enforcement action or contempt of court. The aggressive Florida enforcement attorney Maria Rogers can help you obtain the financial support you need through court-ordered methods like wage garnishments. She can help make sure that you receive the payments you are owed.

Because Attorney Rogers has experience with both sides of the issue in alimony dealings, she can better argue your case, approaching it with the knowledge only gained from having argued the other side. Her record of success speaks for itself: come be one of her many success stories.

Protect Your Rights with Alimony Enforcement Attorney Florida

For an alimony enforcement attorney you can trust, contact Jacksonville Family Law Attorney Maria Rogers at her office in Jacksonville today at (904) 352-2459 to begin the process of enforcing, and possibly renegotiating, your alimony agreements.